Daniel Richardson is a lighting designer and operator for festivals, concerts and touring with experience also in corporate events. Daniel has a passion for music and loves the thrill of designing and realizing a live show.

Daniel started out in university theatre in Sydney, Australia around 2004. After several years of operator work in Sydney, he moved to China and became a freelance designer, staying for 7 years earning many valuable experiences. Through this he has become accustomed to working under short deadlines with constant changes while adapting quickly to new situations on site.

Daniel’s designs are creative and personal but remain practical. He has designed/operated for a range of event sizes: outdoor music festivals, stadium shows, arena car launches, small touring shows, theatres and large conventions.

Well-versed in pre-vis and pre-programming with professional equipment including a full Wysiwyg suite with MA on PC Command Wing + Fader wing setup in his current studio in Sydney.